Flexibility and Adaptability: Interview with Vicki Tillman, of Seven Sisters

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In this show Vicki Tillman, of Seven Sisters, shares insight into flexibility and adaptability as part of our podcast series. #podcast #homeschoolIn this show Vicki Tillman, of Seven Sisters, shares insight into flexibility and adaptability.

“Anything worth doing is worth doing badly.” G.K.Cheserton

Resiliency- the ability to jump back when disappointments and failure hit.

Failure is not an end point- we need to teach our kids to get back up and try again.

Often failure ends up being blown out of proportion- we need to learn from it.

IN Homeschooling, we often feel like all eyes on our us and we have to respond as Mary Poppins.

We need grace so that we can let some things go. We can’t be all things at all times

  • great mom
  • great cook
  • great homeschooler

Time management is so important but we also have to let go of our ideas.

Rely on grace and the strength of God to bounce back.

Be careful to not get sucked into disappointments and OUR laws of the universe- How things “must” be.

  • Teach our kids to learn to lean into the things that they enjoy
  • Develop strengths
  • Lean into the market –what does it take to be hip? What are the trends? How can our kids be relevant and strategic in today’s world?
  • Guard against FOMA culture (Fear of Missing Out).

Gratitude can change your Brain- teach your kids the art of being grateful and keeping a gratitude journal!

Teach a daily written gratitude list

How gratitude changes your brain

How to Really Love Your Teen by Ross Campbell 

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Vicki Tillman Coaching 

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