Foreign Affairs, ISIS and the Constitution

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ForeignAffairs&ISISProfessor Woodrow Wilson with moderator Felice Gerwitz discuss Foreign Affairs & ISIS

Do you know when the last time the word “WAR” was declared? Listen to this audio and your will learn much about that as well as

This show focuses on tips to doing your own research into pressing national and international events that impact our lives as well as answers audience questions including how to get involved. This is the best way to combat ignorance and become informed!

Here is some of the discussion during this segment.

The last time an attack was called a “WAR”

Violent Extremists

The discord happening in the Middle East

The terrorist organization known as ISIS

Foreign Affairs and the Constitution in regard to policy

The beheading of an Oklahoma woman and the title “workplace violence”

Questions answered from the audience.

Handout –CurrentIssues_Handout_Oct2014





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