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Foreign Languages in a Day with TalkBox.Mom and The Real Kathy Lee

Today was a fun one! While in Richmond, VA for the HEAV conference, I got the chance to chat with the founder of TALKBOX.MOM and learn more about her super cool business that helps families speak a new language the first day you put it into practice. If you are like me, the idea of teaching your kids a foreign language is intimidating. I always worry about saying the words wrong and I never can get the accent right. I was thankful when Adalaide shared that it is totally okay if words are mispronounced and accents are off. In fact, that is the very reason she includes authentic audio with every book. I LOVE THAT!

As a mom of two, Adalaide understands the importance of knowing other languages in today’s society. It was her opinion that it is never too early to start introducing a new language. With her lovely talk box cards, everyday phrases get reinforced easily throughout the day.

By the end of our time together, Adalaide had me convinced that I could actually learn Japanese before my trip next year. Additionally, I plan on getting a TALKBOX set in Spanish in order to support my son and daughter in law as they raise my grandbabies in a bilingual household. I think it is safe to say that I am a big fan of all that Adalaide is doing with TALKBOX.MOM.

Lastly, Adalaide offered a big discount to anyone listening to the show today!!! If you use the code HOMEGROWNPRESCHOOLER, you will save $40 off your subscription.

Go check it out… NOW! You will thank me!

Say YES and have a great week!!!

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