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Have you considered a four hour school day? Well if not, my guest today will share how she trimmed the fat of her school day. How did she do this? Listen to find out.Four Hour School Day ~ Episode 434

Have you considered a four hour school day? Well if not, my guest today will share how she trimmed the fat of her school day. How did she do this? Listen to find out.

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Why take all day when you can finish your school day in a way that is great for mom, dad and the kids.

This was a great interview and I hope you listen to the entire podcast – here is a nutshell version of our chat! Much more is on the interview. Durenda has some great insights on homeschooling!

Durenda shares about the beginning of her homeschool journey. [For details listen to the audio] She says, “…we always just tell people we were selfish, we did not want to share our kids with anybody else, especially not for that many hours a week. And we felt like there were some things we really wanted our kids to have. We, we wanted first of all time with them because we wanted to disciple them. And we know that that takes time and we didn’t feel like we could do the kind of job we wanted to by sending them away all day, five days a week. And then the other thing is we really wanted our kids to have a childhood.

Some of the key points:

  1. giving them time and space to play and grow and develop at their own pace.
  2. A combination of directed learning and self-directed learning.

God was calling us to do it. He was going to give us what we needed to do that. And I tell parents all the time, you have to understand that your role in your child’s life can’t be underestimated. You have a very, very significant role in their lives. You know, God ordained the family. That was his idea.

  1. In the book, the Four Hour School Day, there is a challenge to parents. After laying out the plan I hope to broaden their view of what education is. And this book is for people who are thinking about homeschooling on the fence or already homeschooling and
  2. There is such a strong thread of growing a strong, healthy family. And that’s at the end of the day, that is one of the biggest blessings of homeschooling. And we’ve found this with our own kids. I spent a lot of time along the way, learning conflict resolution so that I could teach it to my children along the way because I wanted them to not only be friends. I want them to understand how important relationships are, how important family relationships are. And so we, I really made a concerted effort to nurture sibling relationships. And that means taking time along the way to nurture those relationships.
  3. Homeschooling and family… this is really training ground. It’s, it’s sometimes the hardest place to do it because you feel safe there. And so you tend to not behave yourself as much and you take each other for granted. And so we were always working on that, you know, is that how you would treat a friend or is that how you would want to be treated in that situation? And so just all of that just has ended up affecting our children in so many positive ways. Not only are they best friends, they also know what it looks like when they, when they’re working with other people on jobs, in their careers.

The author of the Four Hour School Day:

I always tell parents to be stubborn about your goals, but flexible about your methods. So the mission statement would be about your ultimate goals. And then, and then we’re flexible about the methods of how we’re going to get there depending on the child, depending on the season of life we’re in developmentally where our kids are on that, scope as well. We always have a direction. I think this is important because we can get caught up in the minutiae of homeschooling.

(Much more on the audio)

The Four-Hour School Day will help you to:

  • Work with your child’s interests and passions for an enjoyable learning experience
  • Cultivate independent learning in your child so you have more time and your child
  • develops more curiosity
  • Navigate the different schooling stages your child will go through
  • Find an engaged community so that you can start this adventure with all the support you
  • need.

About the Author:

Durenda married Darryl in 1989, and she is a mom to eight kids born less than thirteen years apart. She always considered motherhood to be the ultimate career, but she had no idea of the countless ways it would deepen and humble her. Many, many times she found herself unsure and struggling, only to discover God’s strength at the end of her rope. She realized she experienced the grace she desperately needed when she took the time to slow her heart and listen for His still, small voice. Her greatest joy is helping moms discover that grace as well–and with it the courage to put their full trust in Him as they learn to hear His voice above all others. Connect with Durenda at

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