Freaking Out About The New SAT and ACT

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freaking out about the new sat and actLet’s Talks with Jean Burke About: Freaking Out About the New SAT and ACT Changes

Jean Burke is an award-winning author and creator of College Prep Genius

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Posted by Jean Carter Burk on Thursday, March 3, 2016

Show Notes:
1. Are you seeing a record number of people interested in test prep with the new changes?

All kinds of new info is cropping up and much of it is incorrect. Beware of your sources.

2. Since March 5 is the first test, do you think the students that ones taking it are guinea pigs?

Not really – The new baseline might even be advantageous to the first crop of kids who take the test. In addition with the super score and the score choice there can be more advantages here. (Super score is selecting your two highest scores to send in each area (Math or Reading, etc.) and score choice is deciding which scores to send to the individual college.

3. What are some of the biggest changes?

Scores now reflect a highest score of 1600, there are two sections Math and Reading and Writing

4-long sections with no break. It is a mental marathon.

There is now a science portion on the SAT but Jean teaches ways, on the audio to do well even without studying science.

4. How can students prepare for the redesigned test if they have not done any prep yet?

Training vs. critical thinking. This is a logic test with specific skills taught on how to take the test. (More on the audio)

5. Is the ACT more relevant than the SAT?

Both are relevant. It use to be the rule of 1/3. 1/3 of the students tested better on the SAT, 1/3 on the ACT and 1/3 did the same.  Now the playing field has been leveled.

6. What subtle changes just happened to the ACT that people are unaware of?

Details on the audio.

7. Why should students write the optional essay?

It gives them the advantage with colleges admissions.

8. Is guessing now a good idea since there are no penalties for getting a question wrong?

No, because you can still get the wrong answer – learn about the rule of A’s on the audio.

9. How have the timing of the sections changed?

It is now a much longer period without breaks.


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