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Are you enjoying our character planners? My children have been looking forward to the new one each month. We use it in addition to our morning Bible time in our homeschool. These studies are great to do together as a family.

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The character trait for this month’s planner is the trait of Forgiveness:

This four week long open and go character study planner will have your family studying Forgiveness vs. Unforgiveness. Forgiveness is not something we feel, it is a choice. It is something that can take a lot of practice. It may come easily to some children, and much harder for others. Forgiveness is a very important trait to teach our children, and imperative to a happy, healthy family.

When you are home with your children everyday, and the siblings are together 24/7, fights are bound to happen. It’s how your children handle the aftermath that is so important. Some children are quick to hug and kiss and say I’m sorry as soon as they know they have done wrong, or forgive when they have been wronged. Others, may be more easily offended and have a hard time shaking off something that has been done to them.

This month’s planner will help you plan out a 4 week study on choosing forgiveness. It will help you teach your kids how to practice forgiveness and how to ask for it correctly with lots of practical applications. My favorite part of these planners is that all the planning is done for you. It really is open and go, with lots of room for personalization!

Check out what is inside:

  • Character Quality Family Checklist Worksheet
  • 4 Week Study Guide of Forgiveness vs. Unforgiveness
  • Analyze and Evaluation Sheets
  • Character Study Worksheets for Kids
  • Character Trait Planning Worksheets
  • Journaling Pages
  • Activity Sheets on the Character Trait
  • Printable Forgiveness Quotes and Verses
  • Forgiveness Blueprint
  • Family Goals
  • Certificate of Completion

These planners are not dated, so they can be used at any time. If you don’t have time to work on them each month, you can save them for later! These would be great to pull out when you are dealing with a certain issue that needs to be addressed or focused on.

Directions on how to download your free Character Counts Planner will be sent to you each week in our weekly ezine. The planner access information will be located at the bottom of each email. If you are not signed up, you can sign up HERE.


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