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May is here, and I think it is one of the busiest and event filled months. It is almost the middle of the year, but it is also the end of a school year for many, as well as lots of end of the year events that are going on. It is such a busy, happy time full of celebrations. One of these holidays that is right in the middle of all of the other important events is Mother’s Day!

Sometimes when we are busy planning, organizing and coordinating important events and homeschooling, we tend to put ourselves on the back burner. When there are so many things to cross off the to do list the last thing we think about is doing something for us. We know how hard you work moms, that’s why we have decided to devote the entire month of May to you! We will be sharing lots of podcasts on our social media networks that are devoted just to you. They are full of encouragement for mothers, with tips and ideas to help your important job to be easier and more manageable.

Felice has devoted this month’s printable to you as well. There are over 50 pages, including a precious letter of love and encouragement. There are even some fun things for you to give your kids to do while you relax, sit back and read this packet that was created specifically for you!

Included in this month’s printable pack is:

  • Special Letter for Mom
  • Printable Charts
  • Mental Fatigue Solutions
  • Procrastination Solutions
  • Planning Mother’s Day and Gifts
  • Praise and Thanksgiving Journal
  • Checklist for Mom
  • Keys to Confidence
  • 4 Square Planner
  • End of School Year Checklist
  • Fun Recyclable Projects
  • Write a Mother’s Day Letter
  • Card Templates
  • Praise Journal Templates
  • Historic May Events
  • American Flag Report
  • Lewis and Clark Timeline
  • Scripture Copywork

We really hope that you take the time to pour a cup of coffee or tea,  sit back and enjoy reading and being refreshed. I plan on printing some of the Mother’s Day card templates to have my husband give the kids to work on too. Please let us know what you loved the most, and what printables were the most helpful to you!

You can receive this printable pack and a new freebie bonus pack each month by clicking HERE to sign up now!

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