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Free Website Creation Tools

Episode 51: Free Website Creation Tools

Why is it a good idea to teach students to create websites?

  1. Useful skill
  2. Can be used for community service- 4-H group, Lego League Team, homeschool support group
  3. If they start a business they will need one
  4. Digital portfolios
  5. As a way to share what they are learning instead of producing a written report

Here are 5 free website creation tools I have used:

1. Weebly

Weebly has unlimited bandwidth even on the free plan, you can add a PayPal button and it is easy to use. The free version does, however, only allow a limited number of pages, and as with most of these free tools, has ads on the page.

2. Strikingly

I love Strikingly because it is really fast to create a website using it and the websites are very modern looking.

3. Google sites

Google sites is completely free and has no ads. It has very limited style options and you can’t sell anything on your website. It does integrate completely with all Google drive apps.


Wix has the most limited bandwidth of the free sites. Personally, I don’t like using it, but many do so I wanted to include it here. is easy to use but ads will show in random places. You also can’t have any affiliate links on it. It is nice to use for a blog.

Show sponsor FundaFunda Academy teaches website creation using some of these tools in their Computer Applications class but using the help on each website or looking for Youtube tutorials is another way to get started.

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Free Website Creation Tools

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