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girlfriends, friendships, communicating love and respectLet’s Talk about: Friends & Family Keeping the Peace – Podcast #101

with Felice Gerwitz and special guest, Dr. Sue Ellen Nolan

Felice is joined by long time friend and past homeschool mom, Sue Ellen Nolan, EeD – Sue Ellen shares great information about communicating with friends, with extended family and even with your spouse. Keeping the peace, especially in regard to friends and family is difficult at times. In this broadcast, Felice asks the hard questions about friendships, posting on social media, the key to good communication and so much more.

Show Notes and Questions – Friends and family Keeping the Peace:

1. Communication is an important part of inter-personal relationships – what is a key to good communication?

2. We’ve all done it – said something we regret. Is there something we can do to remedy the break in the relationship? Also, what if someone has hurt us? How do we handle this?

3. Why should we be careful in posting heated responses on social media?
4. Agree to disagree – sometimes this seems like you are compromising on your beliefs
About Dr. Nolan –
Dr. Sue Ellen Nolan MTS, EdD
BS, Psychology-Counseling Minor; BS, Human Services-Addiction Minor; Master of Pastoral Theology
Ave Maria University; Doctorate in Pastoral Counseling

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