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Fun with Flippity

113: Fun with Flippity

Flippity is a free online resource that offers 25 different activities, most are games. Some can be played online, others allow you to create a pdf for offline fun. The games use data from Google Sheets (that you input to customize each game).

Flippity gives you the option to try out each game (use the Demo option), make a copy of the game template, and then follow the instructions to customize each game for your purpose.

I do mention how to use some of the Flippity tools to create digital gifts in episode 110.

Show sponsor FundaFunda Academy has a unit study to guide your children through creating digital gifts and many use Flippity – you can find that here.

Games mentioned in this episode:

  • Matching Game
    – says the word ie can use to help kids learn to read, or for foreign lang
  • Bingo
    – Terms and Clues – print off OR online
  • Flippity Manipulatives
    – drag around
  • Timeline
    – can include videos and photos and can link to items on the web
  • Wordsearch / Crossword Puzzle / Word Scramble
    – all printed
  • Snowman
    – “hangman” with 4 different levels
    Snowman allows six guesses.
    Flower Power allows seven guesses.
    Bomb Squad allows eight guesses.
    Apple Picking allows nine guesses.
  • Mad Libs
    – you or your kids create the story
  • Board Game
    – just one person moves the pieces – all can view
  • Scavenger Hunt
    – Locked clues to solve

Show sponsor, FundaFunda Academy, uses the Mad Libs creator as a student assignment in the middle school Writing Fun class.

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Learn about Flippity and the games you can create with this site

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