How Homeschool Teens Can Build Future Career Skills, with Wendy Baird Packard

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Future Career Skills | Future Career Skills for homeschool teens is a focus of today's podcast with special guest Wendy Baird Packard and your host Crystal Niehoff! | #homeschool podcast #homeschoolmilitarymoms #homeschoolmilitary #homeschool #careerskillsEpisode #33 – On this episode, guest Wendy Baird Packard talks about how military homeschooled teens can start now being intentional about activities that build skills for their future career plans. 

Middle school and high school homeschoolers, and even younger students, can begin being intentional about activities that build skills for their future career plans. Even if your teen has yet to decide what career path they wish to take, many soft skills and life skills are universal for all education levels and job positions. Additionally, Wendy shares specific ways military teens can find skill-building opportunities wherever the military sends their family.

Vital Soft Skills to Develop:

  • Reliable – on time, show up to work
  • Dependable – do the job you are asked to do, do it well
  • Communication – correct, cooperative, communication with team members,
  • managers, and customers
  • Interpersonal skills – how do you build relationships or interact with people at
  • all levels of your job
  • Adaptability – easily dealing with change

Wendy also goes into detail about ways military homeschool teens can be intentional about finding and utilizing activities for skill and resume building, even while still in school, as well as pitfalls to avoid.

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Wendy met her spouse when he was in the Navy; per her request, he ended his Navy career after eight years. They settled into normal life, had their son, bought a house, and were civilians for nine years. However, her husband never really lost the call of the military, and after a strong sign from God, he reenlisted in the Army. Stationed at Fort Carson, she became very involved in spouse programs mentoring spouses in the expectations of military life, career, and family. She followed a long-time dream and completed her associate’s and bachelor’s degrees in communication. Wendy will begin her master’s degree in industrial organizational psychology this year at the University of Maryland. 

Seeing the difficulty service members and family members who may move often have, Wendy, found her niche in helping service members and spouses to find employment. She jumped in with every move and studied employment every step of the way. Taking a job with the Department of Labor Working with thousands of service members by teaching the mandatory Department of Labor employment readiness classes, then also providing training to staff and service members of the Wounded Warrior Army and Airforce programs, assisting as a subject matter expert for the USO employment office and Hiring Our Heroes Job fair in Hawaii, and volunteering with the Army Community Services employment office. When her family moved again, she became the Military Spouse Liaison for the Workforce Solutions office in San Angelo and the volunteer lead for the Military Spouse Professional Network chapter for Goodfellow Airforce Base.

In May 2022, Wendy launched her own consulting business that assists clients in the art of communication, potentially focusing on career change or development, public speaking, and small business employee retention. She works one-on-one with clients, facilitates group classes, and speaks at events on these topics. Wendy has developed an exceptional understanding of employment from both the job seeker’s perspective and the employer’s. She provides clients with a detailed process in career development and change. She continues to work with businesses to bring awareness to the talent pool of potential employees, military spouses, and family members can be. She loves to recreate resumes and get people on the correct path to a wonderful career despite frequent moves or job changes.

Wendy has been married to her spouse for 21 years and has a 20-year-old son. She can often be found on an adventure with her two fur babies, Rocket and Carl.  

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