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gain more time in your dayLet’s Talk… and Gain More Time In Your Day with Felice Gerwitz

Podcast #175

We all struggle! In this podcast Felice will share how YOU can gain more time in your day with this one bit of advice that is sure to help. So if you are under a mountain of to-do’s that can’t get done, be sure to listen to this podcast for real help.


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Show Notes: How to gain more time in your day

Handout: Gain More Time in Your Day – Flyer

Here is where I struggle –

  1. I have trouble putting things on a list
  2. I have trouble following the order of a list – even if I put things on it
  3. Life happens – even if we list or plan

Here are some reasons I accomplish my goals

  1. I pray – I begin my day with God first
  2. I am single focused –
  3. I multi-task – and maybe you can’t but this is how I’m wired.

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