Gamified Science Apps for Neurodiverse Brains

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263: Gamified Science Apps for Neurodiverse Brains

Gamified Science Apps for Neurodiverse Brains

In today’s episode, host Meryl Van Der Merwe interviews homeschooling mom And Clark about two gamified science apps she uses with her neurodiverse kids — Brilliant  and TytoOnline. These gamified science apps make science interactive and engaging for both neurodiverse and neurotypical students. Brilliant offers supplemental math and science courses while Tyto is a 3D video game focused on middle and high school science.


  • Offers math, science, computer science courses and puzzles
  • Pay monthly or annually
  • Has free preview available
  • For advanced middle school and high school students

Tyto Online

  • 3D science video game for middle and high school students
  • Costs $5/month for first child, $4/month for additional children
  • Includes courses on cells, ecology, earth systems, etc.
  • Students create avatars and conduct virtual experiments

You can find Andi at


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Gamified Science Apps for Neurodiverse Brains

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