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Get more done in a schedule that is already packed? Are you kidding me? Well, friends - this is the goal and in this podcast, I will explain how you can do more in less time. (Sorry I can't grant you more time, but I can help you with the time that you have.) Please join me and bring a friend!

Get More Done – Episode 446

Get more done in a schedule that is already packed? Are you kidding me? Well, friends – this is the goal and in this podcast, I will explain how you can do more in less time. (Sorry I can’t grant you more time, but I can help you with the time that you have.) Please join me and bring a friend!

Thanks to our sponsors! The movie – Show Me The Father

Tear jerk alert! This is a snapshot of ordinary and extraordinary people and the effect that parents have on their children.  I teared up just watching the trailer and you will too! The links to the movie trailer are on the show notes page – you can find more information about local airing on the website as well as streaming in the near future. This is not to be missed.

Okay friends here we go, it’s time to get more done without stressing ourselves out and it begins with a pep-talk and motivation. Think back to a time when you really wanted something and had a goal. Do you have that picture in your mind? Was it…

  1. To lose weight?
  2. Get a new job?
  3. Get married and have kids?

Well, if you are listening to Vintage Homeschool Moms my guess is that you achieved goal number three anyway! You are married with kids and wondering, “What happened to all of my time.” and “Thank you Lord for my blessings.” All kidding aside what needs to get done? We can probably put this in a series of five things with a ton of subcategories.

What are the things you need to get done? Listing them here – we will go over these later.

  1. Faith and Relationships.
  2. Household.
  3. Kids.
  4. Teaching.
  5. Errands
  6. BONUS – YOU – taking care of you.

How are you going to get more done when you really sub-categorize this list you will be exhausted and need a nap! Well, we will tackle that in a bit, but first … the test. Yes, there is a short series of questions you need to answer and I promise this will help you with productivity!

You need at least thirty minutes to an hour to do this activity but I’m going to lay it all out for you in way less time. I’m giving you information that has super helped me and it has increased my productivity to way beyond what I thought I could do.

So where we go – and you have to really answer these questions honestly for this to work!

  1. What are the distractors in your life?
  2. Are you motivated to get more done? Why or why not.
  3. What is holding you back from accomplishing more?
  4. Are your goals unrealistic?
  5. Do you have help or can you enlist (trade) help with others?

So, spend some time really answering these questions, and then the ideal would be to come back to this audio. So, you have looked over these questions and given them some serious thought, and I want to break them down quickly for you.

What are the distractors in your life? 

Problem: Kids, health, a messy home, too much to do without a plan, relatives, neighbors, spouse…

Solution: By identifying the problem you can figure out a solution. Some days all we are meant to do is thread water. Other days we can be super productive and it counts for two days. Look at the distractions and take care of them – from the most important to the least. Don’t look at the entire room that is a mess, tackle one thing… for me it is the things on the floor, I can’t handle that…or opened cupboards. Once things are picked up from the floor (and this is where kids can help – dump into a laundry basket and then deliver them into their rooms -you can make it a game for the little ones), I feel refreshed and can tackle the next thing.

Are you motivated to get more done? Why or why not.

Problem: I’m not motivated. This is a major issue in the problem with getting things done! It’s just like our kids and not finishing schoolwork. We say, “Just do it!” Some days I have to make myself work some days when I don’t feel like I want to get out of bed! So why are you not motivated? Can you figure it out.

Solution: Figuring out your motivation issue can be as simple as setting short-term goals for the day. Maybe one hour of productivity each day broken up into five-minute chunks. You can clean up for five minutes – sort laundry – start the wash, etc. Tell laundry story.

What is holding you back from accomplishing more?

Problem: If you are super unproductive there could be an underlying issue. Depression, lack of motivation, feeling that no one cares.

Solution: Do it for yourself, not others. In this lifetime no one is really going to appreciate all we do – and think about it, how much are we appreciated. I recently heard a talk by a pastor where he applied a Biblical passage to marriage and he said that men want to be appreciated and women want to be loved and the breakdown in relationships happens when there is a lack of these two factors that are so important in our lives. When we feel loved we feel appreciated and will move mountains to get things down. So look in the mirror and know you are loved by the Almighty and set those short-term goals (worry about long term later) and get some things down on paper and accomplished. You will feel so much better.

Are your goals unrealistic?

Problem: We set these lofty goals for ourselves that there is no way we can accomplish unless we have a ton of help. Look at your goals and really see if they are doable and if not…revise and chop!

Solution: Bite-sized goals that are achievable in this lifetime. I know everyone says to make these long-term goals but those freaked me out for the sheer reason that I might fail and that held me back. Once I did things just because they had to get done and focused on the job at hand, guess what? Dishes got washed at the right time and life went on. Just do it. Set reasonable goals. Work in pockets of time you have.

Do you have help or can you enlist (trade) help with others?

Problem: Let’s face it if you have a bunch of little ones underfoot you can’t get much done without neglecting the kids. Some kids are super needy and sometimes having older ones can spoil little ones. So think about your immediate needs and a solution.

Solution: It is great to trade with a friend or better yet have a babysitter over to the house while you are at home. Or can shop without little ones. Here is an invaluable tip that really helped me… I had toys the kids never used unless I needed them occupied. Once when my two-year-old got into a box of rubber bands and was quiet (you know that means they are getting in trouble) after a quick peek to see that he was okay, I let him go for it and play with the box. There was a mess afterwards but I was able to bulk cook some meals and picking rubber bands out of the seat cushions (about a ten-minute job) was way worth it. In fact, he helped.

Last thoughts and Get IT Done Tips:

Most of the time we waste time on things that we later regret like social media. Promise yourself ten or fifteen minutes, put on a timer and stick to it. Also, if you are wandering around the house without purpose it is time to make a plan. Remember the old adage, “Rome was not built in one day.”

Let it go is another mantra that has served me well. I’m not a great housekeeper so years ago I hired help. It made us all happy and it was two times a month. Even if it is once a month it will be great if you can afford it, or hire a homeschooled high schooler they will love the extra cash.

Also, some things do not need to get done. For example spring cleaning or baking cookies for the entire neighborhood!

And lastly if you are not feeling well, this is difficult. Some of you suffer from chronic fatigue. Check your diet, cut out sugar and too many carbs. Ladies I’ve done it and not it is not easy but my energy soared. Whatever is the problem you can overcome it. Someone recently told me that balance of nature was something they took – and I think this is similar to Juice Plus I took in my thirties when I had no energy. I’m in my 60s now and feel better than ever – why? Because of what I eat. Once you get your health in check the sky is the limit.

I hope this helped you, and please share this podcast with a friend, share it on your social media page (set the time, 10 minutes!) and join our private Facebook pages. And, give me a star rating on your podcast app.



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