Getting Schoolwork Done – MBFLP 285

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Part 2 on getting our kids to work – What about school work? That’s really the daily job for our children – whether it’s homeschool or any other educational system. What can we do to overcome their natural resistance to school, and how can we encourage good habits in the pursuit of knowledge? We’ve homeschooled our eight children from the beginning and we have some practical ideas that have really helped us along the way!

0:55 – How our motivation affects the kids’

2:29 – The risk and cost of missing the actual point of education

4:54 – Protecting the love of learning

6:19 – Distinguishing a struggling learner from a lazy learner

8:36 – Temporary learning struggles happen, too

10:29 – a word from our sponsor CTC Math

11:44 – The trap of mis-placed goals

13:20 – Practical ideas to get the work done

Helpful Resources

Materials to help struggling learners available on our website

Our book No Longer Little talks about the common learning struggles of pre-teens in early adolescence – and how to work through them


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