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What are some gifts that moms love? Here is a shortlist you can share with your family, especially with Mother's Day around the corner.Gifts Moms Love – Episode 465

When was the last time you received a gift you really wanted? Sometimes the answer is never. Gifts moms love really don’t cost much and yet convincing your husband and/or the kids can take some work. In this podcast, I discuss talking to your children and even your spouse about giving gifts that show an understanding for the person who is receiving it, rather than focusing on spending money.

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We give presents for many different reasons, but one is to make the recipient, the person receiving the gift feel special. It is also a way for children to understand that giving and thinking about other people is important. It is a lesson in humility and appreciation. Children should be given the opportunity to participate in gift-giving, especially gifts that do not require money.  Some children struggle with the concept of giving and for others, this comes more naturally. Giving your children different opportunities to share their special talents such as drawing, or doing nice things for family members is a way to encourage this type of behavior.

Here is my replay on Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day Gifts


Why do we give gifts? Is it a tradition or is there a deeper meaning for you and your family? We give gifts for birthdays, special holidays like Christmas, and other holidays like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or Father’s Day. The idea of gift-giving is to show appreciation. Unfortunately, many purchased gifts are afterthoughts or what some large company or corporation says you want or should gift. Often the presents fall short of their intent.

Before you begin think about the following questions and discuss them with your family.

  1. Why do we give gifts to each other in this family?
  2. Why do we give gifts to extended members of the family? (Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, etc.)
  3. What is the purpose of a gift?
  4. Is there a special gift that you remember? What made it special?
  5. Is there a gift you wanted and when you received it, you realized it was not what you really wanted or needed? Again, think about why.

Going over these questions will help you and your family really focus on the real meaning behind giving a gift and that is getting to know the person receiving the gift and giving them something they will use or enjoy. I think my favorite gifts are things that I cherish, and spending time with the family is one of the most important.

Here is a shortlist you can share with your family, especially with Mother’s Day around the corner.

Gifts Moms Love

Flowers: not the expensive bouquets that whither and die quickly but the gifts that keep on giving. Plants that bloom and can be picked. Roses and gardenias are favorites. See what grows in your area.

Herb kits: This is a gift that keeps on giving. When you plant the herbs you can enjoy them for an extended period of time and it is so much fun to pick the herbs to flavor your meals.

Date Night with Dad: Time for just the two of you. Either an older child will babysit or perhaps your kids will make you dinner.

One-On-One Time: Before moms with big families tell me it is impossible – it is not! Spending one-on-one time with each child will deepen your relationship. This can be a coupon for one trip to the grocery store with mom or dad and a special treat. Such as the child picking out the dessert for movie night (Friday nights were pizza and movie night at my home when the children were little). Use a coupon gift for a child’s birthday to redeem during the birthday month or week. (Your child can do this in reverse as a gift to mom or dad by a coupon for their choice of movie and dinner picks.)

Family Vacations: As the children grew we began taking regular camping trips. One year we purchased year-long passes to Busch Gardens. It was about a 2-hour one-way trip and we arrived after lunch and stayed until they closed. The children brought pjs and changed in the car for the trip home, often falling asleep. There are many family-type passes to the zoo, the science museums, aquariums, and more. Shopping during special sales helps the budget.

Gift Card: To a bookstore, or even a used book store. Drop hints if you have a favorite shop you enjoy!

Gift card tastes vary. Several friends learned I had never had a manicure and purchased a gift card for me, it took me an entire year to finally use it, and I loved it. I don’t often get manicures but I do enjoy how my nails look afterward.

Coupons Kids Create:

  1. Coupons – for free car wash
  2. Doing an extra chore of your choosing
  3. Quiet time Promise – to give me 30 minutes of non-interrupted time.
  4. Neck massage.
  5. Dinner dishes off week.

Did you notice I did not give you a list of gifts that can be purchased? The good news is that there are many novelty types of items to purchase as gifts, but they often come with a steep price tag. This year for Christmas I sent family members a group present, I found a wonderful pretzel shop that delivered frozen pretzels that could be heated up at home. They also had waffles. It turned out the waffles were a bigger hit than the pretzels for some, but the kids loved the pretzels. Food is always a good choice for a crowd or family gift.

The ideas are endless and getting together with your family is a good way to figure out what the likes and dislikes are in the gift department and see ways to maximize your time and wallet!

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