Summertime Favorites – Girls, Again

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Free homeschool podcast about raising girls.

Summertime Favorites – this month replaying some of Homeschooling IRL’s best episodes for the summer! Enjoy! —-This is not the first time we have tackled the topic of girls on the podcast. On Episode 10, we talked about many of the common pitfalls we have observed in homeschool families raising daughters. From restrictive environments to preventing any access to higher education, we dove into tough topics.

On this episode, we are getting very practical, especially as it relates to raising daughters into the pre-teen years. Join us as we dive into the discussion on how to navigate the tricky years of hormones and body changes as we sit down to talk about girls, again.


HomeschoolingIRL Episode 10: Girls

Thank Heaven For Little Girls by Maurice Chevalier – BUY IT HERE ON iTunes

Your Daughter’s Hormones – Homegrown Mom Blog


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