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HIRL-Episode-10On the last episode we talked about boys. This week it’s all about the girls!

We love our girls and we love homeschooling them.

On this episode of HomeschoolingIRL, we’re talking all about girls. How does homeschooling girls differ than boys? Does college and career planning look the same? Should girls have a “fall back” plan, just in case everything doesn’t work out? If you can expect anything from Fletch and Kendra, it’s the desire to be very very real! Listen in to our discussion and then join us with your own thoughts!

Episode 10 Show Notes

Honda Odyssey

 2to1 Conference

Jesus Girl – Undercover

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  1. Loved this! I am new to your podcast & recently listed to Girls, again. I know this episode is almost 2 years on, but very relevant. Here in the southeast there is talk about what to do with girls, let them go to college or not, allow them to focus on career or not. I too have been guilty of looking at a career as a plan B, when, in fact, marriage is what happens when you are busy living your single life. I love that you make following God as your plan A! I know women who were married young & those who married later while they were working in their chosen fields. Some of these women gave up lucrative careers, but each one followed God, fist into a career & then, into the home as wives & mothers.

    • Kendra Fletcher says

      Jennifer, that’s great! So glad you were able to listen and that it struck a positive nerve. God’s Plan A is always the best!


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