Goals and Devotions: Homeschooling, the First Year

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Hey, homeschoolers! I had the best birthday thanks to many of you. I appreciate your encouragement more than you know. This week I had the chance to catch up with our new homeschoolers. It was a fun conversation. The topic of the month is achieving goals with help.

Goals First Year Homeschooling Podcast

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Teaching Tip of the Week

Prepare your young learner with an excellent phonics and handwriting program. This is the foundation for all future language arts learning, including Grammar Galaxy, my elementary language arts curriculum. Misty Leasy of Year Round Homeschooling has created a two-year phonics and handwriting curriculum that fills that need. It’s fun and comes with free activities via email that correspond to the letters and sounds you’re learning. Join me and Misty on Facebook on August 8th at 4E/3C/2M/1P or catch the replay to learn how to prepare young learners for reading and writing.

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Goals and Devotions Challenges

I got to catch up with Mai Lynn, Courtney, Erica, and Jolene this week about chores and meal planning. Jeannette caught up with me via email.

Chores went pretty well. Instead of going ahead and doing it because it was bothering me, I assigned jobs and they accomplished a lot most days. lol I didnt really get a hold of laundry yet. Meal planning did get a little better. knowing what I was going to make made dinner less stressful. I started cutting things and freezing it to prepare for meals.

Some goals are to relax more and remember they are still young. We will focus on reading and character.

My faith goes up and down daily. One day I’m sure God will provide and I remind myself of all He’s done so far. Then other days I see no way and I wonder how it will all happen. But this journey so far definitely has given me more faith-filled days.


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