Goldilocks and the Teen years

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Goldilocks and the Teen years: A common question posed as frustrations that I hear comes from Moms of Tweens and Teens.Goldilocks and the Teen Years

Over the years, one of the most common questions posed as frustrations that I hear comes from Moms of Tweens and Teens. Particularly form Moms of boys; i.e. young men.

Their frustration has to do with the fact that up until recently, their kids were happy, compliant and eager to please. And then, one day they weren’t. They were discontent, unmotivated and generally frustrated.

Of course, this can do with being a teen and hormone changes, the need for regular sleep, clean food and good water. But, it also has to do with their desire to be challenged, to wrestle with someone bigger and smarter than them. As kids grow and develop they need a challenge- they are testing their ability, checking where they need to grow and develop. They need to get out of the house more, have more responsibilities- some that they fail at so that they can tap into their own internal motivation and see themselves reflected in a larger mirror than home provides.

Competition and Assessments are not bad things but can be just what your homeschool highschooler needs to stay motivated to learn and grow!

Martial arts are a great way to challenge and grow your son. On that subject Lisa’s son would like to be clear he never trained in Taekwondo. It was a variation of Karate and later Kenpo. Nor has he ever worn a brown belt.

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Need Homeschool Motivation? The Goldilocks Principle to the Rescue

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