How to use Google Lens in your homeschool

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Using Google Lens in Your Homeschool

Episode 102: How to use Google Lens in your homeschool with Dr. Kristin Moon

Today’s interview is with Kristin Moon from Kristin Moon Science and she explains what Google Lens is and how to Use Google Lens in your homeschool. You can also follow her on Facebook

Dr. Moon teaches Chemistry for show sponsor FundaFunda Academy and Biology at True North Homeschool Academy.

Be sure to listen to our other interviews with her including the one where she talks about PHET Simulations

This is a useful blog post that highlights some of the features of Google Lens.

Google Lens is part of the Google App on the App Store. Once you open the Google App you can access Google Lens from the top right-hand corner (see below)

Where to find Google Lens

You can find it on the Google Play Store here

Be sure to listen to the episode to learn how Google Lens will help you in so many different ways including identifying plants, translating foreign languages, and even finding homework help!

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Using Google Lens in Your Homeschool

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