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grace filled dayLet’s Talk About Having A Grace Filled Day Every Day – with Felice Gerwitz and Co-Host, Meredith Curtis

Just in time for the holidays, it’s time to have a grace filled day, every day! How can you have a day that is focused and gives all glory to God when you are stressed, have a to-do list that is ten miles long, and the kid are out of control? Now add Thanksgiving,


In this podcast we explore some tried and true suggestions on how to maintain a lower level of stress – with my friend and yours, Meredith Curtis. It helps that we’ve both run busy households, have five children apiece and have homeschooled for a long, long time! It also helps that we’ve both had our share of highs and lows and decided to choose God! A grace-filled day, every day is within your reach!


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Show Notes: Grace-Filled Day Every day

Meredith: Grace-filled day suggestions

  1. Sleep
  2. Walk and Pray
  3. Read Inspirational Books

Felice: Grace-filled day suggestions

  1. Prayer
  2. What is your one thing?
  3. Give thanks in everything

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