Growing Lifetime Learners Who Become Leaders with Special Guest Kerry Beck

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Finish Well Homeschool Podcast, Podcast #153, Growing Lifetime Learners Who Become Leaders with Special Guest Kerry Beck, with Meredith Curtis on the Ultimate Homeschool Podcast NetworkGrowing Lifetime Learners Who Become Leaders with Special Guest Kerry Beck

In “Growing Lifetime Learners Who Become Leaders with Special Guest Kerry Beck,” Episode, #153, host Meredith Curtis interviews Kerry Beck to discover her secrets of raising leaders intentionally starting in the the early years before formal schooling begins. Leadership starts with godly charcter and a genuine thirst for growing and learning. Kerry shows creative ways to use Scripture and tips to make learning enjoyable. From there, teach your children the soft skills needed to influence people around you including time management, money management, genuine love, decision-making, and people skills. Kerry also talks about her upcoming conference, Life Skills Leadership Summit and why her heart beats for parents to take raising leaders seriously.


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Show Notes

We are excited to have special guest Kerry Beck with us today. Kerry Beck is a homeschool mom, grandmom, speaker, publisher, curriculum creator. She manages How to Homeschool Your Child, Life Skills Leadership Summit, and Homeschool Super-Heros conference.

Lifetime Learning

Modeling a love of learning

Cultivating a Love of Learning

Explore the role of lifetime learning in leadership.

Overcoming Challenges to Raising Lifetime Learning

Little Ones

Middle School

High School

Preparation for Adulthood in High School

God’s Rules vs. House Rules

Managing Schedule

Choosing Classwork

Life Skills Leadership Summit

Are you overwhelmed as a homeschool mom? Trying to give your kids real life skills and the ability to make wise decisions, but it’s not that easy? Here’s help from 30 expert homeschoolers who want to answer your questions.

Join Kerry and Meredith for Life Skills Leadership Summit during February 21-25, 2022. Besides getting your questions answered, you’ll be encouraged, with tools to confidently finish your school year strong. Get your free Basic Pass HERE.

You’ll get access to 50+ sessions, swag bag valued over $400 and daily, live kick off sessions.

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