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Hailey Woermer, JaddedLet’s Talk to Novelist & Homeschooler ~ Hailey Woerner with Felice Gerwitz

“Jaded The Silent Whisperer” by Hailey Woerner

Many people are authors, but it is rare to see an author in her teens. Well, today we get a chance to talk to Hailey Woerner who is currently in the 10th grade, and is fifteen years old! Her passion in writing, drawing, singing, and serving on her highschool worship team. Some have called her creative, intuitive, quiet, gentle, and graceful, though sometimes hot-headed. She lives in Virginia with her family of seven, and loves watching the seasons change over the mountains. Hailey says her security is in Christ, and hopes to show that through her writing — what a wonderful testimony! Can’t wait to meet her? Listen to this podcast and you’ll learn more about the author behind the book! Please comment on iTunes and share this post with your friends! Let’s help Hailey share her story!

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Show Notes:
1. What was your motivation to write fiction?
2. Where did you get your characters?
3. How did you come up with your setting?
4. What would you say to encourage other young authors about getting started?
5. Last words …

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