Help With Handwriting

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Does your student struggle with handwriting? In this episode my guest will help us with handwriting.


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Help with Handwriting

I wish I’d had Sarah’s help when my kids had a hard time with handwriting. Sarah joined me for a previous epsiode on occupational therapy. Sarah is an occupational therapist with a background in both pediatrics and home health, and a homeschooling parent. Sarah was first introduced to homeschooling in 2016 while working as an OT in a client’s home; she was amazed at the learning atmosphere and opportunities within the home. Now as an OT homeschooling her own family, she noticed that parents, though experts on their own children, were invariably asking the same questions and needed resources. As a result, Collins Academy Therapy Services was established with the dual purpose of educating parents on how to create homeschools specifically designed for students’ needs and training occupational therapists to best serve the homeschool community, together guiding children towards their specific purpose in life. You can play this episode for your kids and see how many different sounds besides our voices they can recognize. It became comical but I don’t think it was too distracting. Sarah and I discussed:
  • Whether handwriting is still a necessary skill to learn
  • Why some kids struggle with handwriting (it’s not necessarily what you think!)
  • Activities to help kids who struggle to write
Here is a form for increasing your student’s handwriting speed. Find Sarah on Facebook and Instagram or email her at sarah at Thanks again to CTC Math for sponsoring the podcast. Have a happy homeschool week!

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