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Headache Free Holiday Traditions with Lesli RichardsToday, Lesli (my business partner and friend) and I chatted about our holiday traditions. We agreed that holiday traditions can be a blessing as long as you don’t get sucked into believing that things must go a certain way every year.

We each have traditions that have been carried on from our parents/grandparents. I shared my special traditions of the shoebox and Lesli shared about her family stocking tradition.

Traditions can change over the years and that’s okay. The point of traditions is to honor family heritage and make memories. Keep it simple.

Lesli used to sew PJ’s for her entire family… NOT anymore… thank goodness. She would drive herself into a frenzy trying to get them all done in time. She mentioned the year that she made her husband’s pants too short. The proof is in the attached picture.

I mentioned how I would go to great lengths to make sure all of my kids had matching, Christmas PJ’s. Now, I am happy if they have Pj’s at all. 🙂

pajama tradition

Whether your thing is Gingerbread Houses, Caroling on Christmas Eve, or making cookies for all the neighbors… keep it simple. Focus on what matters, family!!

Merry Merry Christmas,


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