Healthy Guy-Girl Relationships – MBFLP 159

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We’ve heard the full range of opinions when it comes to young people and relationships – from the barber who asks the 7-year-old if he has a girlfriend yet, to the twenty-something girl who says, “Daddy is going to find me a husband.” Surely the Bible has something to say about this … and it does, but not as cut-and-dried as we might have thought! This episode we look into the question of friendship between guys and girls – is it possible? Is it advisable? Or is it commendable?


  1. Ron Sanders says

    You spoke mostly about 12-14 year olds on the one end of the spectrum (too young to date) and ready to marry (mid-20s), but what about dating for the 16-18 year old? They are old enough to have serious feelings for one another and to begin considering what they will want in a spouse. Many “high school sweethearts” even go on to get married. But being still too young to seriously consider marriage, what do you consider the role of guy-girl relationships to be at that age? Is it appropriate that a boy start to learn how to relate to women as something other than son and brother? (How about Gentleman around a Lady?) Can they begin exploring personal time together in a non-group setting? What would that look like in your opinion? Walking the mall? Going to a movie? Visiting each other at their homes with parents present, but not hovering over them? As parents of an almost 17 year old boy who has found his “first love,” we are struggling with these issues (as are the parents of the girl involved). In another year he’s old enough to vote, go to war, and go off to college. We think it is appropriate to be talking to him about making his own decisions in wise ways, dealing with self control, consequences, and plans for the future, as well as how to survive and thrive as a Christian in a secular world. Your thoughts are appreciated.

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