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healthy holiday snacks | Healthy holiday snacks don't necessarily taste well. And since when does healthy and snacks go together?Healthy Holiday Snacks

Episode 234

Healthy holiday snacks don’t necessarily taste well. And since when does healthy and snacks go together? In this podcast, I’ll share some great suggestions from some of my friends as well! Please share your favorite ideas and recipes with all of us.


Show Notes: Healthy Holiday Snacks

When considering healthy holiday snacks we don’t have to throw out the flavor! Instead look at some of your favorite recipes and make a healthier version.

Look for substitutions such as purred low-fat cottage cheese, or strained Greek yogurt (strain in cheesecloth overnight) instead of using cream cheese. You can substitute low-fat Greek yogurt for sour cream and even the kids won’t notice the difference. So making homemade dips with Greek yogurt is not only yummy, it is better for you.

Let’s face it — snacks even if healthy can pack on the calories so if you are looking for a “skinny” version,  I have some great websites to check out below. Just plan on talking so much you forget to eat or don’t eat much like I do at parties and get-togethers. You’d think I never get out! Seriously, eating healthy will give you an added boost. No sugar crash after indulging in too many sweets.

I spent hours online looking for some good alternative recipes and then decided to do what many of us do when we are stuck – we ask our friends! I asked my friends on Facebook and here are some of their suggestions. Thanks! And a shoutout to my Facebook/ and real life friends that I’ve met for your help! You guys are amazing!

Leah recommended this yummy and healthy dish: Roasted veggies

Vicki Tillman – one of our podcasters on the Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network (she podcasts here) recommends substituting sugar in this recipe with honey. Great idea Vicki!

Peanut butter balls–Use natural peanut butter, honey, and oats.  mix well and roll into a balls. This is a simple but better than junk food for active kids’ snacks.

Tricia (You rock! These are amazing suggestions–and long time online friend.)

We love things like

  1. artichoke hummus with veggie sticks
  2. hard boiled eggs, grapes, and cheese
  3. white bean dip with gluten-free crackers
  4. cilantro pesto with veggies
  5. rolled oats mixed with peanut butter, a bit of maple syrup and dark chocolate chips rolled into balls and refrigerate until firm
  6. organic popcorn with coconut oil and sea salt
  7. yogurt parfaits (berries & granola)
  8. Veggie Pinwheels
  9. Roasted Chickpeas with seasoning of choice like cinnamon sugar or a savory one like paprika/chili pepper
  10. Homemade salsa & organic corn chips
  11. 5 layer greek dip with pita chips or gluten-free crackers. 🙂

Heather Laurie another podcaster on this network – she podcasts here: Here recommendation was using tzatziki sauce and cucumber chips instead of wheat chips.

Virginia – Homemade salsa is yummy and red. We made apple butter in the crockpot that was delicious. No butter just spices and apples. (Apple butter is one of my favorites on homemade biscuits anytime. Can’t wait to try this one.) [Virgina has evaluated my children each year – at the end of the year to check their progress as homeschoolers! Sadly those days are ending, but thanks so much to Virginia for her help and encouragement. A valued friend!]

Karen — a good friend from my early years of homeschooling when she lived in Florida – wow, some great ideas:

  1. Celery sticks with a festive mixture of cream cheese, chopped nuts, some cherry juice for coloring. You can also chop up some maraschino cherries and mix those in with the cream cheese and nuts. Almond butter on celery.
  2. Make your own pita chips, by buying pita or naan bread, cut into triangles or squares, brush with olive oil then sprinkle with Italian seasonings ( of course!) and freshly grated Parmesan. Or leave without the cheese. Bake in oven to crisp. I make these and they keep well in a sealed tight container. Yummy with soup or for dips.
  3. Homemade hummus and vegetables. So easy to make and you can add various spices or whatever to make it your own.
  4. Baked sliced sweet potatoes, brush with olive oil, shake on cinnamon and sea salt.
  5. Turkey, chicken, tuna, and veggie roll-ups in lettuce.
  6. Yummy macaroons- coconut, egg whites, salt, and sweetener.
  7. Deviled eggs… put a bit of chopped red pepper in for festive color, or use some cayenne pepper if you like it a bit spicy. And substitute plain yogurt and mayo to cut down on some of the fat.
  8. Olives, dill pickles, nuts, for quick picking-food.
  9. Meatballs are a nice option. I bake mine, and you can use some healthy crackers, pats or breading for binding. Apples and almost butter for dipping.

Healthy Snack Websites: 

Great recipes to try –


Loaded Nachos

Zucchini Sticks 

Appetizers – Turkey Meatballs

Zucchini Carpaccio

Hot Spinach and Artichoke Dip

Spicy Garlic Edamame

Pumpkin pie dip

Avacado and Crab Dip

Skinny Baked Mozzarella Sticks

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