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healthy snacks | Snacks are not going away, so it's time to begin eating healthy snacks.20 Healthy Snacks For Kids (or anyone!) with Felice Gerwitz

Podcast #223

Snacks are not going away, so it’s time to begin eating healthy snacks. In this episode Felice shares some of her family favorites as well as her passion which is helping her children reach adulthood with a good basis in healthy eating. Eating healthy is fun and there are ways to save money — all in this podcast.

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Show Notes: Healthy Snacks:

  1. Survey your family – what are favorite snacks.
  2. When do your children crave snacks?
  3. What are some areas of compromise?
  4. How can you combat those snacks that “creep” into your home?
  5. Make a list and look at ways to turn those snacks into a healthier version

Healthy Snacks: I’ll be adding recipes on my Cooking with Kids Podcast 

  1. Nuts – organic and raw if possible
  2. Seeds – sunflower seeds, pumpkin, golden flaxseeds
  3. Chia Seed Recipes
  4. Dried fruits – apples, pineapple, bananas, dates, raisins, cranberries
  5. Dried veggies
  6. Oatmeal bars – home made
  7. Granola bars – home made
  8. Dark chocolate covered … nuts, dried fruits
  9. Air-popped corn
  10. Cheese and crackers
  11. Kale chips (make them!)
  12. Chia and cashew butter, or chia and peanut butter -organic
  13. Smoothies
  14. Fruit kabobs
  15. Bowls of fresh fruit
  16. Vanilla yogurt – homemade
  17. Banana and peanut butter (or almond/hazelnut butter)
  18. Beet chips – try them!
  19. Fresh veggies with yogurt or nondairy dip
  20. Protein balls
    1. – homemade – dates, whey protein, nut butter, salt and cocoa
    2. – homemade – dates, whey protein, nut butter, coconut, nuts

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