Hearing God’s Voice

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hearing God's voiceA Special Mommy Jammies Night presentation with featured speaker: Felice Gerwitz

Topic: Hearing God’s Voice – Podcast #29

Yes, I live a very dangerous, on the edge of the cliff kind of life – and you probably agree with a topic like, “Hearing God’s Voice.” How can you know for sure it is God’s voice? How can you live your life in total confidence that you are doing God’s perfect will? How can you relax and let God be the pilot of your life? In this presentation, I will tackle all of these things and more!

Handout for notes: Hearing God’s voice: Mommy Jammies Night – A Few Minutes


Show Notes Hearing God’s Voice:

  1. Is it possible to hear God’s voice?
  2. Who is God to you?
  3. How do you prepare your heart to listen to God?
  4. Hearing God
  5. The Challenge

How do you pray?

Look at the Lord’s prayer:

  1. Praising God and acknowledge His Name and His Kingship and His will.
  2. As for forgiveness for our sins against others. Pray for our needs, spiritual or temporal – physical.
  3. Ask for help to forgive others who have hurt us and make an act of will – not feeling to forgive those who have hurt you – so that YOU may heal.
  4. End with a prayer for protection against temptation and sin.

How do you hear God? Many ways! List your own after my list:

  1. Through His inspired, inerrant, infallible Word – The Bible
  2. Through others
  3. Through an answered prayer – those that are asked or unsaid (and God knows our hearts.)
  4. Through a “God-incident” in our lives
  5. Though our five sense
  6. Though our spirit / soul – that is where we sense God

Hearing God & Following His Will:

Add you own to this list:

  1. Faith – grace
  2. Forgiveness
  3. Quiet
  4. Practice
  5. Willingness

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