Help! I Want To Change My Teaching Method

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help I want to change my homeschool teaching method

Let’s Talk About… “Help! I Want To Change My Teaching Method” with Felice Gerwitz  – Podcast #116

Are you unhappy with your homeschool methods? Do you want a change? A change in the way you teach your children?  In this podcast, veteran homeschool mom, Felice Gerwitz gives you the tools you need to understand the most popular teaching methods and decide which one works the best for you.

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Show Notes – Help! I Want To Change My Teaching Method:
Do you sometimes wonder what you can do differently to change your teaching method? DO you pray for help in deciding which method will work best for you? Many moms love structure and so they gravitate to the most structured curriculum choices (text books and workbooks) only to find their kids floundering. Others will use a hands-on, approach and learn their kids do not like the lack of structure. In this podcast we explore the most popular homeschool teaching methods and take a look at which ones might work for you.

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  1. Traditional: Text books/ work books/ tests and papers
  2. Classical Approach: Trivium, Socratic method (concrete, analytical, abstract)
  3. Unit Studies: Immersion in a topic such as history, science, art or music
  4. Charlotte Mason: Living books, nature study, demonstrate knowledge vs. tests
  5. Eclectic: A combination of methods, more relaxed loose structure
  6. Unschooling: relaxed, child lead interest

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