How To Help My Son With Depression

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Hey, homeschoolers! This episode has a different format than what I usually publish. It’s the audio from a YouTube video by the same name. If you’d like to watch it instead, head to Otherwise, just expect a couple of video references.

Are you worried about a depressed son or daughter? Do you wonder what you can do to help? A homeschool mom wrote me with this very question. I have an answer for her and for you next.

Iโ€™m Dr. Melanie Wilson, Christian psychologist turned homeschool mom of six. Few things are as frightening for us moms as when a son or daughter is depressed and we feel helpless. We canโ€™t make our teen stop being depressed, much as we would like to. But there are some very powerful things we can do for a depressed child. Read the full transcript with resource links

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