Holiday Prayer Journal

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holiday prayer journalLet’s Talk About Creating A Holiday Prayer Journal with Felice Gerwitz

Podcast 167

During the holidays there is plenty of rushing around, so this mini-prayer journal is one you can take with you and keeps your prayer intentions and scriptures available at a glance. One sheet of paper folded in grids and stored in your purse, backpack or even lunch box (for dad) – this handy journal will help you stay focused this busy holiday season and any time afterwards as well!

Show Notes: Holiday Prayer Journal

  1. Use a book you can track your requests and answered prayers.
  2. Use dates – listen to the Lord and focus on His will
  3. What are you learning? Journal about this and any special Scriptures you’ve read.
  4. Share – journals are private but what you learn does not have to be…share with your spouse, your children and your friends.
  5. Expect miracles. Miracles can be in the everyday and in the amazing! God is not a God of limitations … be open to His will!

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