How To Make Fitness A Part Of Your Homeschool

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Hey, homeschoolers! I have been a fitness enthusiast my entire adult life. I ran track in high school but became enamored with weight training because of a required class in college. I saw a young woman in class who had incredible muscle definition that she had acquired through weight training. I was inspired!

I believe that fitness is foundational to physical and mental health. Because it is, I believe we have to make it a priority in our home schools. In this episode I will tell you how we have done it and how you can too.

But first I want to thank Voyage Course for sponsoring this podcast.

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Homeschool Fitness Resources

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YouTube video on the benefits of exercise

Tennis as a family sport

Grammar Galaxy See game resources here

Short at-home workouts

Thanks again to Voyage Course for sponsoring this episode. Have a happy home school week!

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