Homeopathic Remedy Review: Cicuta Virosa for “Convulsions”

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This week’s homeopathic remedy review is the remedy Cicuta Virosa.Homeopathic Remedy Review: Cicuta Virosa for “Convulsions”

This week’s homeopathic remedy review is the remedy Cicuta Virosa.   It’s made from an extremely poisonous plant but remember in homeopathy we give remedies in potency so there’s no toxic element left in homeopathic remedies, so when we use a homeopathic remedy in its dilute potency it is going to get rid of symptoms that the plant itself would have provoked.  This is a remedy that not many people are going to need, but in the last year this was the only remedy that was called for in a couple of cases in the current illness that is presenting.

This remedy is one of horrific convulsions, seizures, spasms, Frightful contortions, Opisthotonos. Jerking of the left arm; bending or arching of the head, neck and spine backwards. Rigid limbs. Epilepsy from Fright. Strabismus. (Condition in which the eyes do not properly align with each other when looking at an object).

Listen in as Sue shares about this interesting remedy.

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