Homeopathy and the Periodic Table with Sue’s Mentor, Doug Brown

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This week Sue Meyer interviews one of her mentors, Douglas Brown CCH, RSHom (NA) and they discuss the amazing remedies from the periodic table of the elements.This week Sue Meyer interviews one of her mentors, Douglas Brown CCH, RSHom (NA) and they discuss the amazing remedies from the periodic table of the elements.  Doug shares his personal story about becoming a homeopath and talks with Sue about his experience with remedy provings and his passion for the mineral remedies and the Sensation Method.

Douglas graduated from Yale University as a Family Nurse Practitioner in 1987, fully committed to the medical model of health and disease. After 10 years of practice, however, he became convinced of the existence of a link between mind and body which conventional medicine had not yet grasped.

After witnessing the apparent miracle of homeopathic healing firsthand, he enrolled in Hahnemann College of Homeopathy, and began a full-time homeopathic practice in 1998. He has published articles in multiple homeopathic journals, taught internationally, conducted triturations to develop new remedies, and maintains a busy practice in Portland, Oregon.

Doug’s special interests are in the treatment of mental illness, the integration of contemporary developments in homeopathic methodology into current practice and teaching, and the building of bridges between homeopathy and the emerging sciences of consciousness, physics, and biology. Some of his articles are available on his website, http://www.homeopathichealing.org

Teaching is a particular passion of Doug, and his classes, lectures, and courses have consistently been given rave reviews.

Join Sue for the next Advanced Homeopathy Study Group Class Series:

Mineral Remedies 4-Part Series with Doug Brown CCH,FNP

In this forthcoming series of classes on Remedies from the World of the Elements, one of Sue’s mentors, Dr. Douglas Brown CCH, RSHom (NA) will share his love for the way in which the Periodic Table of the Elements gives us a meaningful framework for understanding the ways in which our mineral remedies relate to the evolution of the human psyche and to each other.  After these classes you will no longer see remedies as random collections of symptoms, but as pieces of a puzzle which has coherence, logic, and structure.

You can register here at http://homeopathyformommies.com/fall-study-group-series-live-sue-meyer/

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