Homeopathy for Eye Floaters: Unlocking the potential for improved vision

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Homeopathy for Eye Floaters: Unlocking the potential for improved visionThis week on Homeopathy for Mommies – Sue shares about how homeopathy can help eye floaters. Eye floaters are tiny objects inside the eyeball that cast shadows on the retina. They can be bits of tissue, red blood cells, or clumps of protein. Suspended within the vitreous humor, the gel-like liquid that fills the inside of the eye, these floaters move and change shape with eye movements.

Sue also touched on another visual phenomenon called the blue field entoptic phenomenon, which is different from floaters. This is caused by white blood cells moving through the capillaries in the retina. While floaters are usually harmless, abnormally numerous or large floaters that interfere with vision may be a sign of something more serious and should be checked by an eye doctor.

Sue explored homeopathic remedies that can be considered for floaters and vision anomalies. She mentioned remedies like phosphorus, silica, sulfur, and mercury. The best option is always to have a consultation with a homeopath to take your case.

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  1. Krista Harrop says

    Thank you so much. This is helpful!
    However, I cannot find the printout that Sue references in the podcast? Am I missing it?

  2. Christine Joyce Cormier says

    For your info, the beginning and end of the intro and exit was all scratchy and broken.
    The actual podcast was clear and great!
    Thank you it was very interesting!

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