Homeopathy for Loss of Taste and Smell

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Homeopathy for Loss of Taste and SmellThis week on Homeopathy for Mommies, Sue shares about Homeopathic remedies for loss of taste and smell.

Remedies mentioned in this podcast:
Amygdalus Persica
Antimonium Tart
Croton tiglium
Hepar sulph
Kali bich
Lemna minor
Magnesium Muraticum
Natrum Muraticum
Natrum Sulphurica


Full notes and descriptions of remedies are in the Members Corner handout! If you would like to join the Members Corner you can here: members.homeopathyformommies.com/invite

Link mentioned in podcast: https://www.bistromd.com/health-tips/loss-of-taste-and-smell

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