Homeopathy for Milk Intolerance and More – Spotlight on Aethusa Cynapium

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Aethusa Cynapium is the homeopathic remedy for Milk Intolerance and more!  Listen to this podcast to find out more! #podcast #homeopathyIn this week’s episode of Homeopathy for Mommies, you will discover an excellent remedy for Lactose Intolerance.  Aethusa Cynapium is an amazing remedy!  This remedy is one of the most important remedies for milk intolerance in infants. Milk is vomited in large curds, and then the child will become very drowsy and go into a deep sleep. He will crave milk and be Thirstless for other liquids. It is useful for childhood convulsions, diarrhea (especially during dentition).

*Suits Well: Gastrointestinal. Severe vomiting and diarrhea with dehydration. Tendency to eruptions, rashes, herpes. (even on face. Wrinkle old looking face, even in infants. Eruption on tip of the nose (Caust) Love of animals…collects them. Reserved with inward emotions. Loners. Infants and teething children and cholera disorders of children and the elderly.
*Reserved people with inwardly strong emotions. Feel unconnected to other people. Loners. Lives in his own sentimental world. Loves Animals, talks to animals.

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  1. Dose Aethusa cover the intolerance or allergy to milk protein (casein) as well ? Or does it only work for lactose?intolerance

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