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This week on Homeopathy for Mommies, we have a wonderful guest with us to talk about Homeopathy for Plants!This week on Homeopathy for Mommies, we have a wonderful guest with us to talk about Homeopathy for Plants! Cornelia Maute, the co-author of Homeopathy for Plants, has come on the podcast to share some wonderful information about using homeopathy on our garden and house plants!

Cornelia will also be joining us inside the Members Corner on April 17th at 10 AM CST for a Live Q&A. If you would like to join this upcoming Live Q&A with Cornelia, you can do it by going to https://members.homeopathyformommies.com. Come and learn how to care for your gardens!

Links mentioned on the podcast:

Homeopathy for Plants eBook: https://amzn.to/3KRY9Kj

Cornelia’s website:

Consultation form: https://maute-pflanzenhomoeopathie.de/en/consultation-form.html

Dosing Chart and instructions for Plants: https://maute-pflanzenhomoeopathie.de/en/application.html

Cornelia Maute is the co-author of the book Homeopathy for Plants with her mother, Christiane Maute.  As the daughter of a homeopath, she grew up familiar with the spirit and application of classical homeopathy.  Her mother’s research as a “plant homeopath” awakened her own interest in this new, highly promising and environmentally friendly method of treating plants. By working with her mother on her books and consultations as well as participating in a study group (consisting of horticulturists and winegrowers), Cornelia has been able to constantly increase her knowledge in this field with Ongoing case reviews and self-study.  Cornelia has a website where she offers individualized treatment plans with homeopathic recommendations for her clients, from amateur gardeners to professionals.  She also completed her education as a homeopathic veterinary practitioner in 2017.

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