Chicken Pox and Measles – The Complexity and Simplicity of Age Old Childhood Diseases

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Chicken Pox and Measles and Other Childhood DiseasesChicken Pox and Measles!  This podcast is all about the Complexity and Simplicity of Age Old Childhood Diseases. Join Sue Meyer from Homeopathy for Mommies as she talks about the importance of these diseases in your Child’s life.


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Homeopathy for Mommies
Homeopathy for Mommies
Sue Meyer

Teaching Homeopathy to Families



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  1. Janice Burlet says

    Trying to locate the “pickle sox” regiment in Sue’s book? can you direct me?
    Thank you Sue for all you do to encourage us to embrace God’s Ways of overcoming illnesses and staying on the health path of Life!………blessings…….jb

  2. Sue you are an inspiration to me as a grandmother. I love your philosophy of life. It is spot on and I understand how hard it is to live it and not just talk about it. Anyway thank you for this podcast. I just learned that my 32 yr old son has had a flu shot. He knows how I feel about it and we have chosen not to talk about it because of my passion against vaccination and drugs. He is married to a doctor and there is alot of fear there about disease. They have bought into it all. They are expecting my 10th grandchild any day now and knowing that she is getting all these shots is upsetting for me. I have had to let go and leave it in God’s hands but it is not easy. I have lost sleep over it. And by the way this is their first child. Thankfully my other 2 with children are on the same page as me.
    I am trying to learn as much as I can so I can be armed and prepared should the day come. I am not iviting it though. My trust and prayers are to the powerful God of heaven and earth. He is my rock! Much blessings of peace, safety and health to you and yours!

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