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home school burnout |. Yes, homeschool burn out can happen to you, even the most die-hard or poster-child-for homeschool mom. #Homeschool #homeschooling #podcast #HomeschoolBurnoutHomeschool Burn Out

Yes, homeschool burn out can happen to you, even the most die-hard or poster-child-for homeschool mom. You know you’re burned out when … can you fill in the blank? For me it began when I didn’t feel like getting out of bed, when I dreaded listening to my children read because it would put me to sleep and when the thought of teaching another child long division made me cry. Basically, I didn’t care if the kids completed one page or ten pages in their book, and the questions were never-ending. In this podcast I deal mom burnout, especially homeschool burn out and ways to combat it with some real and doable suggestions.

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Show Notes: Homeschool Burn Out

When you are stuggling with burn out the last thing you want is a know-it-all-mom to tell you one more thing you need to do to overcome burn out. I mean, the reason you feel burned out is you are overwhelmed, right? I know. I’ve been there. you see I had a really cushy life. My husband made a good living, provided for our family and is loving and kind. I’m blessed. I had two children, a house on a couple of acres and lived in a place with perpetual summer and spring weather. I began a publishing business right before I found out I was pregnant with child number three. The publishing business flourished and so did my fertility. I had number four, and number five in my 40’s. So, homeschooling highschool, having little ones while running a publishing business became an amazing feat. Something had to go!

Do your kids ask:

“Mom, what do you want me to do first, math or reading?

Mom, can I go to Jimmie’s house after our field trip?

Mom, I can’t find my math book!”

If I had a penny for each time a child lost a school book or for the number of times my name, “Mom” was used in a sentence that ended in a question, I’d be very rich! There was a time in the not so distant past when my business became very profitable at a time when my husband’s business took a sudden downward turn, due to the economic decline. It was a blessing to be sure, but juggling little kids and little, constant problems with launching a new branch of my business became very tough. On top of this, I was dissatisfied. I was sad I didn’t have more time to complete my homeschool tasks, I was sad my house was a mess. And, yes – I was just plain sad!

I needed a break but I didn’t have anyone who I could trust to babysit nearby or even friends to trade with, in fact, I felt selfish for even thinking of leaving my kids alone for any period of time. I realized years later I was my own worse enemy. I had all these rules, these do’s and don’ts and no way out of the mess I had created.

Yes, sometimes there are things out of our control. The washing machine breaks, there is a hurricane and no electricity for two weeks, this has happened to us three times while living in southwest Florida, and yes I still live here. There are those unaccountable and unavoidable things that happen in our life. But that doesn’t mean we quit. I’m going to share with you my life raft tips, those things are sure to help you with homeschool burn out!

List: Life happens. We need to realize that every day isn’t going to be perfect, everything on our list will not be checked off and we need to be okay with it!

Important: What is the most important thing to tackle that day? The one thing. You know the one thing that if completed will make me happy. If there isn’t one thing you are not fine-tuning your list enough. Take a few moments to think about this each day, or better yet the night before an make a plan.

Fear: Fear can be crippling. It can come from many sources but in order to overcome fear you must identify it and call it out for what it really is, fear is debilitating and crippling. It can make us sick! I pray this prayer each time I am fearful: Dear Lord, by your death and resurrection you have conquered fear and death, and I ask that you bless me, my family and friends and in the name of Jesus I cast out fear since you are love and perfect love casts out all fear! 1 John 4: 17-18 – In this way, love has been perfected among us, so that we may have confidence on the day of judgment; for in this world we are just like Him. There is no fear in love, but perfect love drives out fear because fear involves

Easy: A office supply company made an entire marketing campaign around the “easy button,” the premise was based upon the ease of completing a task only took hitting the button, and it was done. We make things so complicated and difficult. We are either perfectionists and that holds us captive or we are lazy and leave dishes in the sink, piles of clothes all over the place and we complain that our kids never help us! I admit it, there are times when I am lazy when I don’t want to do the dishes and every one of useful age is gone! Guess what? Kids grow up, they leave home and those pesky dishes are still around. It really is easy. Take turns, make a schedule or ask your kids to split up chores. I did that one year when the schedules were not working any longer and everyone selected jobs they liked, and guess what? Yes, you guessed right, no one complained about doing the job because they didn’t mind it. Easy!

Reality: Sometimes we will be sad and on overload. It’s okay. Really. We have this false sense that we are allowed to complain or that no one cares. I care. God cares. Your kids care even if you don’t think they do. Sadness on occasion happens and typically because we haven’t accomplished that goal. Be realistic, look at your goals. Are they attainable? If not why? If so, then how are you going to make it happen. If you don’t have goals, write them today!

Anger: Burnout is when you get angry at the smallest, littlest, inconsequential things. Burnout happens when we are angry and don’t really have a reason for it. Anger doesn’t make us feel better. It makes us feel worse and when we lose control, it can be horrible for all involved. Everyone has been angry from time to time. If you feel you are losing control get help. Don’t try to fight it alone.

Forgive: Forgiveness begins with yourself. Forgiveness isn’t easy! I invite you to listen to this podcast on forgiveness and this one on asking for forgiveness.  If you’ve hurt your children with unkind words set the example and ask them for forgiveness as well. Happiness and joy will come from this, I promise!

Truth: False thinking is one of the reasons we can’t face the truth. You are not a horrible person, you are not a failure, you are not terrible at everything you do. How do I know? Because you are listening to this podcast and you don’t want to suffer from burn out!

Burnout is a very real thing. It means it’s time for mom to take a break. A short break, but one nonetheless. When things become insurmountable it is time for help. I pray this podcast has been a help to you. I want to leave you with this thought.

Even in our worse moments at home, we are providing for our children that we genuinely love. There is no one out there who will love our children as much as we do. No one.

At one time or another, we’ve all questioned our ability to homeschool — we are doing a horrible job of homeschooling, our kids will never get the education they need or as good as the schools. They’ll never get a good job or go to college. Believe me, they will. I’m graduating my last child of five this year, and they’ve all succeeded. Some in jobs and three in college.

Friends, you are doing a better job than traditional schools! Recently friends pulled their children out of school because the administration or staff decided to run drills on mock school shootings. They will pretend there is a shooter in the school and then not let the children know it is a drill. That fear is crippling! Like a fire drill is good practice, this could be as well except for the fear factor of not knowing if it is real or not! This could cause a lifetime of psychological damage! My friends decided the home was preferable.

I believe I’ve been blessed with the perfect amount of children, and my children have taught me so much! I’m working on a podcast on what I’ve learned from my children, and it is so much!

I know you’ve got this and  you are not alone. When burnout comes creeping in, banish it but don’t think you have to do it alone. We have a facebook group for the purpose of small group discussions – if you are in need, reach out. We are here for you! You are qualified to teach your children! And this podcast network is dedicated to help you! Listen to the many wonderful broadcasts on the Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network, and I pray this podcast was a help!

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