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What is your homeschool focus? #homeschoolpodcast| #homeschool| #homeschooling #homeschoolfocusHomeschool Focus – Creating Memories ~ Episode 476

What is your homeschool focus? If it is not creating memories the children won’t remember what they learned. Sure learning is not always fun and games but there is a time to add a fun element to your homeschool day, and guess what? They won’t even know they are doing school. Our job as parents is to instill in our children a love of learning that will stay with them for a lifetime. Are you up to the challenge? I am! Join me on this episode of Vintage Homeschool Moms.

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After I completed speaking at a homeschool workshop locally, one of the moms approached me and asked me the million-dollar question, “What Ivy League school will your children attend?” What? I looked at her and took a deep breath before answering, calmly and sweetly, “I’m not even sure all of my children will attend college,” and waited for her reply.

After a few seconds of shock, we had a wonderful conversation where I shared my take on education and the focus on my homeschool, raising godly kids that love the Lord. I am happy to say that my youngest just graduated in 2022 from college as one of the top students, Summa Cum Laude, and of only 3,700 cadet graduates across the country to receive the Army’s Distinguished Military Graduate honor. He was a student-athlete as well and received multiple scholarships, and yes, this mama is proud. I have five children and all three who attended college graduated with honors, one Cum Laude and two Summa Cum Laude—one receiving a Masters’s degree. My two non-college grads are doing extremely well in various businesses both self-employed.

Parents the goals of education are your own to make, what will it be? What is your homeschool focus? Whatever it is, I believe that creating memories with your children is important because these memories, like a carefully crafted story, will stay with them long into the future. We all want children that are well adjusted in body, mind, and soul. This means education that is focused on faith, education, and personal pursuits is important.

Homeschool Focus: Creating Educational Memories

Education is usually the only focus that parents place on their homeschooling. It is understandable but is not complete without some or all of the following elements:

  1. Read aloud time. Homeschooling lends itself toward reading to your children, whether it is a historical novel that fits into your study or something that is fun for the entire family. I have several podcasts on the topics of reading lists. Search for Summer Reading Lists, Tips for Actively Reading here
  2. Allowing your child one-on-one time. This is something that is not available in a typical school setting, homeschooling is not recreating the school at home, it is a step up and better.
  3. Setting goals. Without goals, there is no way to move forward. There are checklist planners available monthly for our email list and through the website after they are no longer available for free.
  4. Special assignments. Give your child an option to explore a passion or hobby on their own time, or make it part of the school schedule.
  5. Field trips: This is a wonderful addition to any homeschool education. Try virtual field trips for an added twist of learning at home.

Creating Family Memories

  1. Passing on the family faith. Attending church services together, reading the Bible and praying as a family.
  2. Spending time with your children is the best memory you can make. Start with individual time, perhaps grocery shopping or another quick errand you can do together.
  3. Family games, pizza night, and a designated day for routine activity. This allows the children to have something to look forward to at week’s end.
  4. Family trips. Whether a walk in the park, a family slumber party, or a longer family vacation. Again time to bond with the children away from the usual activities at home.
  5. Special family activities, such as cooking, baking, crafts, or making presents for other family or extended family members.
  6. Visiting those less fortunate whether it is an elderly neighbor or someone in assisted living. Ask your pastor for a church member who would enjoy some company.

Creating Personal Memories

  1. Increase your personal faith in some way.
  2. Keep a personal journal. This is something your children will treasure. Each child can create their own.
  3. Scrapbook for each year. Just highlights of memorable activities.
  4. A personal reading list. What are some great books you would like to recommend?
  5. Bucket list – what are some places you would like to visit or activities? Hot air balloon, hike through Adorandak mountains, or perhaps a trip to Alaska?
  6. Learn something new.


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