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Being organized in your homeschool means selecting the right homeschool forms to make your life so much easier.Special Replay: Organized Homeschool Forms

Being organized in your homeschool means selecting the right homeschool forms to make your life so much easier. Do you want to avoid burn out? Do you want your homeschool year to just flow instead of coming to a screeching stop? Well, it can happen if you have some forms to make it easier.

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Well, friends, it is time to get out that paper and pencil or visit the website for the show notes because this episode is going to be packed with the information you need to make life easier. I purchased all kinds of fancy planners throughout the year and found that the one that made the most sense for my life was a huge calendar (the wall is preferable) and a 4-Square Planner (I have some templates for you with the show notes). This was the best method. Ever. If only I had found it earlier in my homeschool journey.

I thought I needed forms for everything and found out I had a big mess! And those gigantic planners – they were more confusing.

I found the 4 Square Planner by accident – and it was something I was making up on my own. You don’t have to purchase anything – it is in every printable – planner we give away each month on the Ultimate Homeschool Podcast Network – and it works!

Take a sheet of paper – you can use a spiral notebook if you don’t want to lose the paper and make a grid. One line in the middle of the paper and one across. (Those who are perfectionists have my permission to use a ruler!).

Write the 4 most important things in your day. Mine grid has the topics of Faith, Kids, School and Household. That is pretty much all-encompassing of a homeschool mom’s day. You can also do 4 grids that are the seasons – Fall – Winter – Spring or Summer. Begin with whatever season you are currently into thumbnail sketch your year. You can use the grids – of course, you will need more paper.

Friends, I use this system to plan out my podcasts now as well as to organize events, trips or my husband’s schedule. It helps to have a central place to put items that take you out of the home.

Ask yourself these questions about homeschool forms:

  1. What is my biggest obstacle to using planning forms?
  2. What planning forms do I like?
  3. What type of planner do I like?
  4. Can I keep organized with a calendar?
  5. Can I use a calendar instead of forms for some of my planning?
  6. Can I use a wall calendar as a master plan and a smaller notebook calendar for a daily plan?
  7. Can I use the 4-Square Planning method effectively in my home?
  8. Do I like to plan from August to July – a school year?
  9. Do I like to plan yearly from January to December?
  10. What is the easiest way to keep track of my forms? Digital or printed?

Analyzing these questions will help you figure out the best method for you!

The second set of questions – yep, there is more!

  1. How do I want to store the information? Digital or Paper
  2. Do I want something portable?
  3. Do I want to keep papers, samples and important information in one place?
  4. If I am using paper where will it be – file, three-ring binder – or spiral notebook

I always kept a yearly three-ring binder with important information, the kid’s schedules, master lists, and their grades/ evaluations from each year. Keeping it in one place was easy for me. Of course, this was a 3” Mammoth binder and not portable.

I really like a month at a glance scheduler because they work best for me. Again, use what works for you.

I have some great online tools that are free and I am so thankful for Meryl host of the Homeschooling with Technology – one of my new favorites is Trello.

Just think of it as one large piece of paper with sticky notes. It is a wonderful way to organize things and allow your family to add to it – you can add assignments, plan and more.

This is great when you share it with your family members – you can listen to Meryl’s podcast (link is in the show notes or go to her podcast page or follow her on your podcast app – her shows are great, informative and do not overload you with techie stuff!).

5 Ways Homeschool Parents Can Use Trello

You can also use Google Docs and share your schedule – I have mine connected to my phone. I have reminders set up so I don’t forget an event or to do something important. You can use the word processor on Google Docs to share papers and

Scheduling Forms:

Check off List, Book Reading List, Book Report, Movie Report: Homeschool forms

Field Trip Guide: Field Trip Guide

Sample Homeschool Mom’s Schedule: ChristinaMoss-DailySchedule

HSLDA – Statewide requirements for homeschooling here.


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