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Struggling Learner Homeschool SuccessHomeschool Success with Your Struggling Learner

Educating a child that is struggling academically, emotionally or behaviorally can be a real challenge. Sometimes when you are out there, seemingly alone as a homeschool mom you can even start to doubt yourself and if you are equipped for the job.  After all, the educators may have told you that you should let the professionals handle things.   Let me assure you, your precious little one is in the right place, at home!  Often, recommendations from the school system indicate a need for more one-on-one instruction.  What better place to receive that extra attention than home where love abounds?  When parents are equipped with the right information, the sky is the limit to where their struggling learner can go.

In podcast #24, the Brain Coach, Jan Bedell, will give you tips and techniques to make it a “no more tears learning zone” at your house.  Tune into this episode, entitled; Homeschool Success with Your Struggling Learner, airing on April 6 to learn that the foundation of all learning abilities is the efficient functioning of the brain.

It seems more and more children these days have some sort of learning inefficiency. It is estimated that 1 in 5 US children suffer with a learning challenge.  Remember your old dial-up connection to the Internet? Is your child’s brain acting like a computer with a slow connection speed? That is, do they struggle academically and socially, are not able to reach full potential; have trouble remembering daily activities, chores and personal hygiene; knows something one day but not the next; can’t  follow directions? Do you suspect learning labels? What is a parent to do? You could buy another curriculum, OR you could address the “root cause” so that academic success could be attained with any curriculum. You could help the same brain become like a computer connected to high-speed Internet. The difference in function is HUGE!  Addressing the root cause is what we teach in the Brain Coach Tips’ podcasts. I encourage you to listen to some of the previous episodes while you are waiting for #24 to come out.  You will discover some root causes of reading and math difficulties, attention issues, sensory challenges and more.

Parents can be the key to breaking free from learning challenges and even the many labels that are littering the education landscape. Helping you to reach far beyond the limits of labels and their negative effects is our goal. Open a brilliant future for your child through understanding how the brain works . . . or why it doesn’t currently seem to be working so well.

In the Homeschool Success With Your Struggling Learner podcast you will discover:

  1. The importance of giving input to the child instead of the frustrating experience of expecting so much output (i.e. the typical, fill-in-the-blank and do it quickly routine!)
  2. How your child might not be seeing correctly even though his eyes check out as having 20/20 vision.
  3. How some of our cultural practices in modern America are robbing our children of their full potential.
  4. The reason why your child may get so stressed with a test and often can’t remember what you know that he knows.

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