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Homeschool with Vision and Purpose with these tips from True North Academy! (Plus TWO advising giveaways!) #homeschool #vision #giveaway

The Oxford Dictionary defines vision as, ” The ability to think about or plan the future with imagination or wisdom.” Do you have a vision for your homeschool? What is your purpose? 

Maybe you are lost and don’t understand how to homeschool with vision & purpose. Keep reading to learn how to define & implement your homeschool vision.

First, what is your compelling reason for homeschooling?

Also known as, what is your why? What makes homeschooling the number one choice for your family? Compelling reasons can include (but are not limited to) social, emotional, spiritual, academic, physical, and familial concerns. 

A compelling reason may be that your child was bullied to the point of physical harm, or maybe their academic needs are better met at home. Some families have children with health issues or that are so involved in a sport, or another endeavor, that it takes hours of training each day. Maybe your family simply wants more time together. In other words, your compelling reason is going to be as unique and individual as your family.

Why is your compelling reason important? Because there will be hard days. I can promise that there will be days when you want to give up and quit. On those days, your compelling reason will continue to propel you toward the finish line. Plus your compelling reason will be the basis for all of your other decisions.

Next, align your long-term goals with your compelling reason.

Are you homeschooling for religious reasons? Then you will want spiritual goals at the top of your long-term goal sheet. Maybe your family is homeschooling for a better academic experience. Then educational goals will top your list. These goals are not your to-do list for next week. These are your end goals. What do you hope to accomplish? Where do you want your children to be at the end of their journey?

What if you have more than one compelling reason? It seems that most of us do and that’s okay! Simply rank your list in order of importance. If academics are the most important, then put those on the top of the list. The purpose is to develop a clear strategy and plan.  

Then, create short-term goals and develop a plan.

The short-term goals are where the rubber meets the road so to speak. These are the actions that will lead to accomplishing your long-term goals. If your goal is religious, your short-term goals may include memorizing large passages of scripture or studying theology and Bible History. Perhaps you have a child that desires entrance to a specific university. Then a full transcript, tailored to that university, would be your action plan.  

In short, it’s a trickle down system. The compelling reason drives the long-term goals. These, in turn, determine the short-term goals. The action plan is formulated based on these short-term goals. So your action plan may include daily literature study or electives tailored toward the medical field. All of this will look different for each family.

(Need help defining your action plan? It may be time to check into our Essential Academic Advising!)

Finally, be flexible.

In the end, homeschooling is a marathon, not a sprint. And during the race, it’s not uncommon to encounter some speed bumps. Your short-term goals will likely change and evolve over the years. It could be that your compelling reason even changes. A family is an everchanging system. People grow and change, and as a result, so do their goals and dreams. 

Be flexible. A plan is only a valuable tool, not a method of torture. If you fail to let your plan grow with your family, it will just be a hindrance. Use it, grow with it.

So what are you waiting for? Find your homeschool vision and purpose today. It will take your homeschool from ordinary to extraordinary!

The Essential Academic Advising gives you a clear a personalized path and tools to navigate,  no matter what age your homeschool student.  AND – Our Essential Academic Advising Plan takes the worry out of Homeschooling your Special Needs or Struggling Learner so you can enjoy the process!

Need help with your vision & purpose? Contact True North Homeschool Academy; we will be happy to help!  True North Homeschool Academy is committed to coming alongside parents to provide an exceptional on-line learning experience that exceeds the highest academic standard for for 6th-12th grade students in a flexible and affordable learning environment.








Homeschool with Vision and Purpose with these tips from True North Academy! (Plus TWO advising giveaways!) #homeschool #vision #giveaway










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