The podcast to help homeschool leaders is back!

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The Podcast to Help Homeschool Leaders is Back!

Carol Topp, CPA, the HomeschoolCPA took a break from podcasting, but now she’s back with a different format. The podcast will be focused on helping homeschool leaders and businesses run their programs legally and successfully. The podcast episodes will be shorter–15 or 20 minutes max and will air weekly.

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  • Is your homeschool teacher an employee or independent contractor?
  • Should your homeschool co-op director be paid as an employee?
  • How hard is it to set up a payroll system?
  • What happens if my homeschool group misclassifies a worker? Are their penalties?

Worker classification can be a confusing topic.

My book Paying Workers in a Homeschool Organization can help clear a lot of confusion, but perhaps you want to discuss your particular situation in a private, individual phone consultation.

I offer phone consultations to help you determine if your homeschool organization’s workers are employee or independent contractors. The phone call will be followed up with an email containing a fact-based determination and information to help you take the next steps.

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