Homeschooling 101 Pre-K to Kindergarten

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homeschooling 101 Pre-K and KindergartenLet’s Talk About Homeschooling 101 Pre-K to Kindergarten

with Meredith Curtis and Felice Gerwitz

So, you are a homeschooler or you are thinking about homeschooling. Well, welcome to homeschooling 101 – today we are going to delve into the BEST advice for homeschoolers. Don’t get bogged down on the methods such as Charlotte Mason or Classical – Unit Studies, Unschooling or Eclectic. See what fits you and watch our children – and pray – it is amazing what you will learn.

We will break this down into four categories. Pre-k to K (alarming trend is the free PreK school programs and online HS programs ), Elementary years – great books we recommend, Middle schoolers, and High school

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Show Notes:

Pre-K to Kindergarten:

  1. Selecting Curriculum  – podcast – Help I want to change my curriculum
  2. Hands on activities
  3. Reading great books  – Podcast 84 and Podcast 85 – both on reading great books
  4. Field Trips
  5. Nature Studies/ experiments
  6. Day trips
  7. Making books
  8. Copy work
  9. Family stories
  10. Math facts – basic
  11. History – stories

The 7 R’s of Homeschooling – by Meredith Curtis

Joyful and Successful Homeschooling by Meredith Curtis

Teaching Science and Having Fun by Felice Gerwitz

Creation Coloring Book by Felice Gerwitz


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