Homeschooling After Public School – Episode 79

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Transitioning To Homeschool after public or private school Let’s Talk About – Homeschooling After Public School

Transitioning to Homeschool

 Show Notes:

1. A little about yourself and why (briefly) you decided to bring your child home for school.
2. Biggest obstacle that you overcame.
3. Getting kids to quit comparing you to their teacher – how do you deal with this?
4. Family routine and school – how do you find balance?
5. What do you wish you had known that could have prepared you better for bringing your kids home?
6. What is something parents can do if they are preparing to bring their children home?
Resources for Moms Who Homeschool After Public School:

Curriculum Reviews and More: Cathy Duffy  Author of 100 and 101 Top Homeschool Curriculum Picks

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Flourish At Home  – Mary Jo Tate has a podcast on this network here

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