Homeschooling in New York City – HIRL Episode 23

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HIRL_Episode023Have you ever watched a TV sitcom where the characters live in a cool New York City apartment? Have you ever dreamed of walking down Park Avenue or strolling leisurely through Central Park?

Has the thought ever crossed your mind about living and homeschooling in a big city?

On this episode of HomeschoolingIRL, Fletch and Kendra talk with Josh and Kristen Kill. They knew God was leading them to live and work in the Big Apple, but that meant moving their 4 small children into the thick of cosmopolitan city life as well.

Josh and Kristen get real about the struggles and blessings of homeschooling in a big city while living in a small space. They discuss how they homeschool kids in an Upper West Side apartment with no room for science experiments or Lego creations as well as the advantages of living in a place that is home to some of the world’s best museums and cultural sites.

Join us for a fun and eye-opening romp through city life and homeschooling kids in one of the biggest cities in the world!

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